How New Apps Are Helping Women Feel Safer

Technology has allowed us to improve numerous areas of our lives. From eating to dating, apps and websites that decrease time and difficulty are inexpensive and accessible to nearly everyone. One category on the app store that is often overlooked, particularly by women, is personal safety. Personal safety apps can provide comfort, on-the-spot communication, and instant access to help in an emergency.

Women often reach for their phones while walking home

Above physiological needs such as food and water, safety is the greatest human necessity. For higher-risk groups such as women aged 20-30, prioritizing safety and reducing the risk for violent crimes is essential. Recent studies revealed that seven out of 10 women had experienced some form of sexual harassment in public, a number that grew to nine out of 10 with younger women. These high rates of harassment often lead to women feeling unsafe and worrying about ways to escape danger even while completing day-to-day activities. Stress and worry becomes even greater when women find themselves in compromised settings. This can be dark, isolated areas, dead zones, neighborhoods with high crime rates, and more. Women are more susceptible to danger on nights out, where drugs and alcohol often come into play. These substances cause impairment that may increase the risk that women face whether it’s in a club, at a party, or making their way home. New technology is finding ways to help women feel safer and more comfortable in all areas of their lives. Personal safety tools such as apps can provide peace-of-mind during all your activities, from a relaxed stroll in the park to a wild night out.

Personal health and safety is one of the fastest growing markets on the app store. More and more people are discovering easy, affordable apps that can make you and your family feel safer and more at ease. Safety apps have now grown beyond basic features like emergency calling and location sharing. These are essential parts of safety software, giving instant and even automatic alerts to family or authorities when in danger and sharing coordinates with pre-selected individuals. Some apps now even offer a complete toolkit to reduce your likelihood of experiencing violence while also helping you face it. New apps such as Alli by Lifetrack are pushing the boundaries of personal safety, introducing plan night options that allow groups to track and plan together. Map plans with friends, send messages, check in at your desired location, and more! Making safety fun and engaging, Alli is removing the dire energy surrounding safety. Staying safe is a big deal, but it doesn’t have to feel like it. Be one of the first to download Alli by Lifetrack, request beta access today!


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