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Safety Net

Create a safety network who can help you if you find yourself in a tight spot! You are able to share important data with these people.

Intel Scores

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Plan Night

Use this feature to organize your night out with friends and keep track of them when you're out! Allows you to plan destinations, transportation, and who is invited.

Safety Scoop

This feature allows you to anonymously report incidents and share that information with your friends and the Alli community.

How it works

Our process is fun, simple and easy to use.

how it works


More Informed Communities

Safety information is accessible to all Alli users so everyone has up-to-date information.

Safer travel for tourists

Tourists have access to safety scores, local alerts, and a safe navigation feature.

Personalized Emergency Response Options

Emergency response options are tailored to each person and situation so that people can react faster to incidents.

Non-judgemental incident reporting

Incident reports can be submitted anonymously so users are more comfortable sharing their experiences with the Alli community.

Creating a pathway to improved safety in neighbourhoods and cities

Alli provides options to improve community safety scores which will have a positive impact on the city as a whole.

About Us

Our journey began by creating proactive and reactive solutions in the marine safety
industry. Working in this sector provided us with the knowledge and experience that helped
us identify a gap in the personal safety sector.

Product Mission

Automating personal safety by implementing empathetic and novel approaches.

Company Vision

Making safety accessible to all by developing innovative technology and systems.


Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews is the co-founder and CEO of Life Track Safety Systems Ltd., a company that develops innovative safety solutions. Amy has been working with LifeTrack since 2018 when the company was founded.

Amy graduated from UNB with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a diploma in technology, management, and entrepreneurship (TME) in 2019. She then completed her master’s degree in TME in 2020.

In her spare time, Amy plays and coaches rugby at the high school, university, club, and provincial levels. Outside of rugby, Amy enjoys hiking, shooting trap and skeet, and watching documentaries!

David Itoafa

David Itoafa is the co-founder and CFO of LifeTrack Safety Systems Ltd.

David graduated from Siena College in 2017 with a bachelor’s in Finance and a minor in Information Systems! He then graduated with a master’s degree in 2019 from the University of New Brunswick in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship and is now working towards a CPA designation.

Itoafa is passionate about soccer where he coaches and plays in the city of Fredericton New Brunswick. He speaks French, Romanian, and English and loves learning about cultures and languages!

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